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Get your Free portfolio!

01/10/2008 18:50
There is a Portfolio upload bucket area in the users menu. this will allow you to upload your ten images for the portfolio page. We do not want just anyone uploading anything so, to get access for one week... e-mail me with your user name at portfolios@artelf2xs.com! Use the subject line " tshirtillustrator portfolio"Do not send me art!

In the unloader you will be allowed to create a folder. Name this folder the name you want your portfolio to have! you can browse other folders but are not allowed to delete or rename even your own! Please make sure you upload your art to your folder! Naming your art files with keywords like t-shirt graphic1 would be great for search engine results on this site.

1. you need to be the author of this work or own the rights ! Please see our info on copyright.
2. do not upload more then ten images! I will grab the top ten in alphabetical order and trash the rest.
3. While I am somewhat liberal, I am a Christian. I will not upload anything that is overly pornographic, racist or may insult others !!tshirthell.com is there for you
4. My software will reduce all files to a basic size and Pixel ratio, but a maximum of 1000kb has been set for upload!
5. If you do not have ten pieces or do not know which ones you want right away, access can be turned off and on later.
6. Please give me about a week to load all the portfolios, I have a life away from here

Enjoy and Welcome!
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