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Saturday, 05 January 2008

I Love a Moire' :-)

Moire" is a undesirable pattern created by several halftones printing together. Due to mathematical frequencies. See wikipedia for more info and the math lesson.moire"

These patters can range from squares to wavy lines and even Blurry psychedelic blobs (see Illustration) At specific angles halftones will produce a rosette pattern referred to as cauliflower patterns (see Illustration) These patters have an all over symmetrical evenness that create a smooth tone to the human eye and are therefor used in reproductions.

In the t-shirt printing world we also print different colour halftones at the same angle ( called Flamingo).


Moire' can also happen with one halftone on a t-shirt due to the Lines of the garment weave and the lines in-between the halftone dots intersecting at bad angles. In addition when silk screen printing, the Halftone of your film positive and the Silk screen weave may create a moire on the screen .

Keep in mind again that due to the grid of dots in your computer monitor, depending on your resolution setting you may be seeing a moire' pattern in my illustrations.

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